Deep convolutional neural networks using OpenCL
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NormalizationLayerMaker Class Reference

Use to add a NormalizationLayer to a NeuralNet. More...

Inherits LayerMaker2.

Public Member Functions

publicapi NormalizationLayerMaker ()
publicapi NormalizationLayerMakertranslate (float _translate)
publicapi NormalizationLayerMakerscale (float _scale)

Static Public Member Functions

static publicapi NormalizationLayerMakerinstance ()

Detailed Description

Use to add a NormalizationLayer to a NeuralNet.

A NormalizationLayer will normally be inserted as the second layer in a network, after an InputLayer. It can translate and scale the input values.

Public API

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

publicapi NormalizationLayerMaker::NormalizationLayerMaker ( )
Public API

Member Function Documentation

publicapi NormalizationLayerMaker* NormalizationLayerMaker::translate ( float  _translate)
Public API
publicapi NormalizationLayerMaker* NormalizationLayerMaker::scale ( float  _scale)
Public API
static publicapi NormalizationLayerMaker* NormalizationLayerMaker::instance ( )
Public API

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